About us

About us

Our Gorgeous History

Courtney Benson grew up in Florida and received her Juris Doctorate from Western Michigan University, Thomas M. Cooley Law School.

Since being called to the bar in 2017, Ms. Benson has quickly built a reputation as a zealous and powerful advocate for her clients. Her practice focuses on criminal defense representation, wills and estate planning, and divorce cases.

Prior to opening the doors of CMB Law LLC, Ms. Benson spent six years working as a Legal Assistant, handling a wide variety of cases from beginning to end. With a background as a paralegal, Ms. Benson brings a unique set of organizational and administrative skills to every case, ensuring that your case will be handled effectively and efficiently.

Working closely with numerous lawyers and Judges has given her a unique perspective. She has always preferred to be in court rather than work at the office. Her tenacity has driven her to develop and present an effective defense on behalf of clients.

Ms. Benson's experience includes defending clients against a wide range of criminal litigation, both State and Federal.

Federal, State, Juvenile

No matter what the level, CMB Law has the experience to handle your case.

Criminal Defense

We can handle any criminal case from traffic to assault

Civil Law

​Have personal matters to take care of? We offer estate and will planning services, as well as divorce.

CMB Law can handle everything from a simple traffic citation to a first-degree felony. We will defend your rights against any criminal accusation - including drug charges, firearm charges, sexual crimes, aggravated assault, simple and aggravated battery, theft, robbery, fraud, DUI, traffic offenses, violation of probation, juvenile offenses, expungements, and sealings.

We strive to simplify the legal system for those who find themselves involved, doing so transparently and informatively. CMB Law follows an open-door policy, encouraging clients to call and/or stop by at any time to discuss cases and review files. At CMB Law, we want to be your defense team. And you are the most important member of that team.