You Have a Right to Legal Representation

Choose a gun crime attorney to represent you in Bradenton, FL

No matter what kind of criminal charges you're facing, you have a right to legal representation. If you're looking for a gun charge attorney in Bradenton, FL, CMB Law LLC can represent you. Ms. Benson handles a variety of weapon and gun charges. She understands the seriousness of these charges and how they can affect your life.

Reach out to a gun crime attorney today for sound legal counsel.

Wondering if Ms. Benson can represent you?

Wondering if Ms. Benson can represent you?

Gun charges can increase the seriousness of any situation. You need a gun crime attorney if you're facing charges for:

  • Improper discharge
  • Unlicensed concealed carry
  • Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon

Whether you're facing additional charges for possessing a gun during a crime, or you're charged with unlawful concealed carry, Ms. Benson can represent you. Call 941-747-4440 or 941-725-9457 now to connect with a gun charge attorney.