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If you're involved in a legal matter, it's time to find an attorney. Founded by attorney Courtney M. Benson in 2018, CMB Law LLC represents a wide range of clients in Bradenton, FL. Our criminal defense attorney understands the impact a criminal charge can have on a life, so she works diligently to ease her clients' burdens and seek the best outcome possible for their case.

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Federal Crimes

Our attorney can tackle your federal case.


Let an attorney represent you after your firearm charge.

Drug Charges

An attorney can help you deal with your charges.

Additional Practice Areas

Our attorney can assist with any criminal case.

Providing the representation you need

Finding a criminal defense attorney should be one of the first steps you take if you're charged with a crime. Our law office represents clients facing a wide range of charges. You can contact Ms. Benson if you need a:

Whether you're facing a federal or state charge, Ms. Benson can represent you. With experience as a paralegal and empathy for her clients, she'll work hard on your case.

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How we serve our clients

When you need legal representation, you want to connect with a law office that sees you as a person-not a potential paycheck. Our attorney serves her clients with a focus on what's best for them and serves every client with:

Passion - Ms. Benson is passionate about law and serving her clients
Understanding - Ms. Benson will take the time to understand every facet of your case
Dedication - Ms. Benson believes that every client should have easy, accessible communication with their attorney

With a lifelong passion for helping the accused navigate the complicated legal system, Ms. Benson will gladly serve you.

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